We're getting marriaged!

The big day is the 29th of May 2022 and we would like you to be a part of it.

Our Story

Way back in 2018, Jess was employed as a direct care worker. Her client went to Josh’s church, and Jess frequently accompanied him. The client with his outspoken nature quickly became friends with Josh after seeing him around at church. Jess was surprised by Josh’s willingness to always lend a helping hand, as well as the unconditional kindness he shows to others.
Unbeknownst to both Josh and Jess (initially, at least), Josh’s hangout times with her client began to overlap with Jess’s working hours. It didn’t take long before they were spending time together on their own, outside of work hours.
Simple games of Uno with her client grew into deeper, more meaningful conversations. The relationship between Josh and Jess took off from there, flourishing over time into what they have today - a loving and supportive union that they are committed to for life.

Our Wedding Party

The Bride's Entourage
The Groom's Entourage

Engagement Photos

Addison Oaks - Buhl Estate

The Big Day

Ceremony 5:30

The part with the words

Reception To Follow

The part with the drinkydoos and the dances

How do I get there?

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Addison Oaks - Buhl Estate

1480 W Romeo Rd, Leonard, MI 48367

In Lieu of Gifts...

We have more than we could want, so although we accept gifts, we kindly ask that you instead, consider viewing our registry on The Good Beginning.
As The Good Beginning is a for-profit company which will take 8% of your donation as administration fees. Feel free to also donate directly to the charities below, just please donate in honor of our names - or let us know so we can track the impact that all you wonderful people made on our behalf!


We have arranged a shuttle from 7:30 pm until 1am which will take you anywhere in Oakland County - However, for the convience of our other guests, we ask that you use it only to transport your intoxicated self to nearby hotels.

Répondez s'il vous plaît

Unless Specifically invited, please leave the kiddos at home! Please contact us with any concerns!

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